Provides Turnkey Solutions for Expedition Vehicle Needs
Within the KRUG group finishes its very first expedition truck build. The foundation for the company is ready. Over the next years, a formative period of the company, KRUG establishes itself as new player in the industry.
OUR History
The base for producing modules in series is created, efficiency and quality being the main drivers of refining layouts and construction technology that will ensure the successful growth of the company as demand rises.
KRUG EXPEDITION is formally established with its current headquarter in Austria. The company is led by original members of the KRUG MPP company, with Viktor’s son Dimitri Yermolov taking on a leading role in overseeing the manufacturing site and sales department.
Already an established name, KRUG EXPEDITION has established ongoing partnerships with industry household names including Toni Maurer, Hellgeth Engineering and EXCAP. Vitali Knorr, an experienced technical expert and seasoned sales specialist joins KRUG EXPEDITION as CEO.
Slawa Knorr, a former Bosch engineer joins KRUG EXPEDITION at the beginning of its transformative expansion process to guide the newly formed group alongside the newly minted Chief Technology Officer Vitali Knorr, VP of Sales Dimitri Yermolov and KRUG Group president Viktor Yermolov.
Project Rhino is developed under the guidance of CTO Stephan Gorovoy, to fill a gap in the lightweight 4x4 product portfolio. An additional production line is added to the KRUG group facilities in Cherkassy.
Оur story began in 2011 and we will not stop
The Austrian headquarters of KRUG EXPEDITION and KRUG MODULE PARTS received a lift with extended office space and a newly renovated and fitted production site to set off demand for more builds and ease pressure.
KRUG EXPEDITION is slated to build around 35 projects, including the PROJECT RHINO and PROJECT RHINO XL line up, which is an extension of Project Rhino that was initially conceived. A fresh focus on consumer events alongside an extensive trade show roster keeps the consistently growing team busy year-round.
Quality Management
At KRUG EXPEDITION we strive to continually improve the quality of our products and make them more affordable. This quality and affordability is delivered by standardizing our systems and layouts so that these configurations can be continuously tested in practice.

The feedback from our customers and our workshop are the key building blocks that enable us to bring innovative solutions to our series modules.
Our Team
Our partners
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A true visionary, Viktor steers KRUG EXPEDITION through an exciting time that sees tremendous growth and expansion. He is usually right at the right turn of developments, and has a knack for inspiring his teams to fearlessly progress. The tireless entrepreneur is a true family man and a chocolate aficionado.
Always the first and last at the office, Slawa exudes a sense of calm and patiently manages the day-to-day challenges of KRUG EXPEDITION with a firm hand. He can be found recharging his batteries on one of Schladming’s bike trails or exploring the nearby mountains.
Vp Sales
Over the years, Dimitriy has been instrumental in developing the product portfolio, engineering and pretty much every other facet of the business at KRUG EXPEDITION. He is always ready to make things happen and go the extra mile, usually served with a smile and a joke to set everyone at ease.
Brand Manager
With drive and a keen eye, Miriam progresses all things brand development and marketing concerning KRUG EXPEDITION. Her kaleidoscopic interest in travel, art, design, media, tech and trucks merge into mapping out multi-year plans just as much as organising the next local event.
Every day, KRUG EXPEDITION relies on Alla to get the numbers right, which she does with absolute accuracy. Beyond gracefully handling all bookkeeping tasks, Alla is a devoted gardener with a hand for year-round produce.
Based out of Germany, Eugen is the man you can count on for detailed consulting, in depth consultations and a hearty laugh to smooth out the often lengthy process to hammer out all the details of the truck of your dreams. The former Iron Man contender is easily at home in any environment and thrives with each new challenge.
Werner is our in-house chassis specialist and a mechanic by trade. He is an extremely focused and clear headed young man, who’s extensive travel experience serves our customers well. He speaks from a wealth of knowledge around all things
expedition trucks, that is hard to beat. Fun fact: Werner must have a taste of Wiener Schnitzel each time he comes to Schladming - there is now way around that!